First Impressions provide a full range of tree services. Plants need regular pruning and maintenance to look their best and stay healthy. Our Certified Arborists are trained to help you in all aspects of tree and shrub care.

Although tree removal is a last resort, there are circumstances when it is necessary. Removal is vital when a tree is dead or dying, crowding and causing harm to other trees, causing an obstruction that is impossible to correct through pruning, or being replaced by a more suitable specimen. Also, when a tree is considered irreparably hazardous, it is essential to eliminate the potential liability it poses by removing it. Again, this is usually a last resort.


In such cases, our Certified Arborists will provide you with an expert diagnosis and assist you in determining the best, most cost-effective options available. Once tree removal has occurred, the unsightliness and tripping hazards of stumps and raised roots can be eliminated with our state of the art stump grinding equipment.

We’re experts in:

  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Tree and Shrub Planting
  • Buckthorn Removal